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: Data Analysis Projects and Tools

Tools and Templates

Available on my GitHub page.

Data Analysis Projects

Congressional Age Analysis

This report decribes the scraping and analysis of the Congressional Biographical Database to reveal age trends in the United States Congress.

Final Report including statistical analysis

Zipped collection of all project materials (perl scraping script, sqlite database, r/ggplot2 analysis and graphics.

The data and research for this project were used by the Wall Street Journal to create the The Capitol's Age Pyramid: A Graying Congress

EPA Toxic Release Dataset - Exploratory Analysis

This 7 part series describes the analysis of the US Environmental Proctection Agency's Toxis Release Inventory data using R and ggplot2.

Written for SI618 : Exploratory Data Analysis in Winter Term 2010

Digital Repository Management / Library Software

Walkthrough for installing DSpace on an Arch Linux server.